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The Menchu Law Office has remained dedicated entirely to criminal defense for over a decade. Regardless of the offense, our Dallas criminal defense law firm can handle it with the knowledge and experience such serious matters deserve. Since a criminal conviction can be a life changing event, we are focused on getting results by proactively defending our clients.


State Offenses

State criminal charges range in punishment from a fine to Life in prison. A conviction for even a misdemeanor offense may forever change your life and create a permanent criminal record that may impact your ability to obtain future employment. Contact Us


Federal Offenses

Federal criminal charges are governed by a unique system very different from our state courts. Our law firm represents those charged with a wide range of federal offenses, including embezzlement, mail fraud, wire fraud, employee theft, and computer related crimes. Contact Us


DWI and DUI Defense

Even a first-time DWI arrest can carry serious consequences that not only impact your ability to drive, but also your freedom. We represent those accused of drunk driving and related crimes, including intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter. Contact Us


Public Lewdness and Indecent Exposure

Same-sex couples each year are targeted with public lewdness or indecent exposure charges in Dallas by the police. Our law firm may be able to help reduce or avoid the consequences of the offense. Please remember, we offer a confidential environment to discuss your case. Contact Us


Sex Crimes

We understand that an arrest does not mean guilt. Our law firm offers discreet and effective legal representation for people accused of sex related crimes including sexual assault, rape, indecency with a child, and possession of child pornography. Contact Us


Assault Offenses

If you are charged with an assault offense, such as aggravated assault, murder, family violence, aggravated assault on a public servant, or other assault related offense, you need a defense firm with the resources and skill to defend you discreetly and effectively. Contact Us


Probation Violations

For those accused of violating the terms of their probation you need to know that you have rights, and we'll work with you to get the right result. This may include arguing your case in a hearing or negotiating with the probation office, judge or the prosecutor. Contact Us


Expunction and Non-Disclosures

Having a record sealed or erased can give you a fresh start that may open doors to better employment opportunities and a better way of life. We can help you navigate the legal system to clean your record, and help you start a new chapter in your life. Contact Us

To speak with us about your legal issue during a free and confidential consultation contact the Menchu Law Office by calling (214) 766-1394 or send us a message.

Se habla español